Friday, May 20, 2011

My Office Hutch ...

In my never-ending quest to get my office organized and looking purty (I am, after all, the only girl in the house... and this is the room where I can "do" purty, should I so feel inclined)... I set out to find an inexpensive hutch to put on top of our old golden knotty pine dresser. We recently ordered a beautiful king chest bed set in chocolate stained solid alder, so this old dresser was FREE to become my latest victim... err... project :)

I couldn't, unfortunately, find a solid wood hutch at any second hand store, so I found this laminate hideous being on clearance at Liquidation World for $20. A coat of primer and a few coats of ivory paint on both the hutch and the dresser, and voila!

The hideous hutch (notice the formed plywood chair off to the left.. I got 2 of them for $5.00 total at the Salvation Army! Can't wait to refinish them!)....

And the refinished set all loaded up in my office (yes, there's a couch in my office, not much choice there for the time being). I picked up the gorgeous glass knobs on ebay for a song and a prayer :)

These encyclopedias are my grandparents'... ca 1950. My mom (and myself in subsequent years) would spend hours reading through them... they're quite interesting.. and a nice deep teal colour, which makes me happy beyond belief :)
And I found those cool old glass electrical insulators for $1.00 a piece quite a while ago and thought they were mighty cool (they are, afterall, my colour! :)

I sure wish the pictures had better lighting, but it's 8 pm at night and artificial overhead lighting is only so good :)
Anyways, I am now in search of a new (old!) desk to redo for my office. I have this huge iMac and it's sitting on a dinky sofa table:) NOT comfortable on the back to lean over!!


  1. You do Fantastic work!!! Thanx for the add too...Hugs..Liza

  2. Thanks, Liza, I just found your blog, and I LOVE your work! Completely a girl after my own heart! (but I live in the sticks with not a chance in heck of the cool sales you have! lol)

  3. hey Kari,I LOVE your blog, such gorgeous projects!!! just wanted to thank-you for stopping by and sharing your heart with me. Please email me your address cuz you won one of the mini art prints!

    happy Friday